Alumni Letter

Dear Wesley Foundation at LSU Alumni:

Fall is here. It is still as hot as ever, but school is back in session, football games are devouring our weekends, and—if you were lucky enough to be a college student again—your Wednesday nights would once again be filled with Chapel at the Wesley Foundation.

When organizations have been around as long as the Wesley Foundation at LSU they inevitably go through periods of vitality and periods of rebuilding. This is the second year with the Rev. Drew Sutton as director of the Wesley Foundation and I am happy to report that the WF is once again gaining strength. It is growing in much the same ways as it did when Rev. Shawn Anglim first moved to town: organically, thoughtfully, and in ways that open students up to new experiences and new ways of participating in the world. They are also having a lot of fun. I can think of quite a few fellow alumni would be happy to know that just the other weekend a giant, inflatable slip-n-slide bedraggled the back lawn of the WF.

As an alumnus who feels he owes a great deal of his personal development and worldview to the relationships and experiences gained through the Wesley Foundation at LSU, it is wonderful to know that those opportunities are still presenting themselves day in and day out for today’s students at 333 East Chimes St. Many of us, I am sure, can remember the familial feeling of being a part of the Wesley Foundation whether we were on a Spring Break mission trip, cleaning up Carlotta Street, or singing along with the band at chapel. Today, I am asking you to reconnect with the Wesley Foundation at LSU as an alumni so that today’s students can feel our support, so that they can have a sense of the history and traditions that came before them, and so that you can get back in touch with friends, a place, and a time that meant so much.

I would like to invite you to visit the alumni page of the new Wesley Foundation at LSU website and give us your contact information so we can be in touch about special events and the goings on at the WF.

Also, I want to invite you to reconnect with the LSU Wesley Foundation Alumni Facebook page so you can start getting back in touch with old friends, upload your favorite pictures, etc.


Charles Sutcliffe

LSU class of 2002

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