Love God. Serve Neighbor.

We are a community who believe in a liturgy of mission.  A consistent presence within our local community and a commitment to be present with others in differing contexts nationally and internationally.  This liturgy, the work of the people, of mission calls us to see our deep intersection with varying contexts and understandings in our global community.  Mission becomes our practice of looking beyond ourselves and reaching into the world in light of a God who continually reaches out to us.

At the Wesley we have an “out-of-town” mission trip at least once a year, as well as a local mission opportunity once a month.

Stay tuned for many mission opportunities to come in the very near future. 

Recent Missions

Washington D.C. – Little Lights 2018-2019


The capital of our nation, Washington D.C. , holds a lofty place in the American psyche. Home to many of our most illustrious monuments, the seat for the highest levels of our legislative, judicial and executive branches and symbol of prestige and power to the world, our capital illustrates both the past and current prosperity of our country yet there are many in capital who are forgotten, under-served and under-privileged; thus begins the work of Little Lights. Little Lights is a faith-based organization in DC that works with three of the public housing communities in the capital area where they serve those communities by guiding, mentoring and empowering young students and children whilst also serving the adults in the area. Our students worked with Little Lights to run their second-ever Spring Break program and cleaned their various spaces/offices.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Hot Metal Bridge & Open Hand Ministries 2017-2018


Most of us have ever experienced the struggle and hardship of homelessness or the multi-generational impact of racist and prejudice systems. In the winter of 2018, a group of our students ventured to Pittsburgh during one of the coldest winters of the decade to learn more about homelessness and the causes and effects of gentrification. Our students worked with two ecumenical ministries, Hot Meal Bridge and Open Hand Ministries. Hot Meal Bridge focused on caring for the homelessness and poverty-stricken people of the East Pittsburgh area and Open Hand Ministries lent their hands to empowering black communities and citizens in Pittsburgh to owning their own communities and fighting off gentrification. Our students feed people, listened to their stories, demo-ed a house in 10 degree to 0 degree weather and visited a neighborhood farm as pictured above.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Flood Relief 2016-2017


The Great Flood of August 2016 impacted tens of thousands of people in the Greater Baton Rouge area, including many students at the Wesley, LSU, and beyond. Non-profit and faith-based organizations responded to the tremendous need. The Wesley both encouraged the sending, housed, and sent teams of students into the Greater Baton Rouge community to assist in repair of houses. The photo above shows one team sent out by the Wesley at LSU and the Wesley at Southern University, Baton Rouge.

El Paso, Texas – The Lydia Patterson Institute – January 2016


In January 2016, a group of 21 12509077_10208588366095536_7789509018387516155_nstudents traveled 16 hours to west Texas to complete a week of mission work at The Lydia Patterson Institute, the United Methodist Church’s only college preparatory school in the nation. La Lydia (as it is affectionately called) has a student body of primarily Mexican students from the neighboring Ciudad Juárez. Most of these students work an hour or two at the school each day to earn their scholarships. Because of this the school has only a single paid janitorial worker. We spent the week helping out around the school as well as interacting with the students. We cleaned out air filters, painted, chipped paint off of a staircase, sanded shutters, fixed seats in their chapel, and tarred leaks in the roof. One night, the students hosted a cookout with authentic Mexican cuisine followed by a dance party. Other experiences we had on the trip were an excursion to Carlsbad Caverns, a chat with Border Patrol, and the chance for some of our group to travel across the border into Mexico.

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Atlanta, Georgia – Trinity UMC, Grace UMC, Camp Glisson – April 2015



For Spring Break 2015, around 35 students from the Wesley Foundation boarded 3 15 passenger vans and made the 8 hour drive to Atlanta to do work with several different churches in their unhoused ministry programs. After a couple of days we headed up to Camp Glisson in the Appalachian Mountains to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation before the stress of finals week. Check out some pictures from the trip here: Atlanta Mission Retreat Photos





Bareilly, India – Warne Baby Fold – December 2014 to January 2015

10917451_10153000569701753_3287587307786502536_n10933966_945269428816889_1802636743777886820_nA few students from the Wesley Foundation recently partnered with a group from St. John’s UMC to take a trip over Winter Break to India through Louisiana Volunteers In Missions (LAVIM). Students worked at and interacted with kids at the Warne Baby Fold, the oldest organization of the Methodist Church in India, as well as helping paint a wing of the hospital next door that will be used to house students of a nursing school program. After serving a week with the kids, the group toured Agra, Jaipur, and New Delhi seeing sights such as the Taj Mahal, the Amber Fort, the Red Fort, the Jantar Mantra astral observatory, riding elephants, and more. After 2 full weeks of curry, dahl, nan bread, and lassi the group made the 24 hour trip home to Baton Rouge. Check out photos from India here: LAVIM India 2014-15 Photos

Other Past Missions

  • Washington D.C. – January 2014
  • Nashville, TN – January 2013
  • Uvalde, TX – March 2012
  • Houston, TX – January 2012
  • Chicago, IL
  • Seattle, WA
  • Memphis, TN

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