There are several ways to support the Wesley Foundation at LSU.  All support of the Wesley begins in our covenant as members of the United Methodist Church to  faithfully participate in the ministries at the Wesley by prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  These can be the practice of individuals, small groups, sunday school classes and churches.  We invite all who are interested in ministry with college students to partner with us as we share the story of faith, seek the kingdom of God, and to live in the way of Christ here at LSU.

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  • Continually pray for the students at LSU, the students at the Wesley, and the surrounding community of LSU and the North Gate and Old South Communities.


  • On Wednesday nights we serve dinner at 7pm and have worship at 8pm.  We are always looking for people to provide a meal feeding students prior to worship.  Whether an individual, small group, or church, we welcome anyone interested in providing a home cooked meal for students in the middle of the week.  For further information see Wednesday Dinner .
  • We always invite others to join us for worship or dinner, mission experiences or any other ministry opportunities at the Wesley Foundation.  Committed people who are present provide stability, comfort, and support for students who are in the midst of a transitional period of life.


  • Financial gifts that support the ministries of the Wesley Foundation at LSU are always greatly appreciated.  Those gifts can be made as one time donations, or established as continuous giving through a person’s bank account.  We are in constant need of strong financial supporters who will help us become more and more sustainable as a ministry and help us continue reaching out to students at LSU.  Any gift is welcome and is recognized as tax-deductible gift because of our non-profit organization status (501c3).  These gifts and support allow us to continually provide a trusting environment for students to tune their ears and eyes to God’s work in our world today.
    • Send a check made out to LSU Wesley to 333 E. Chimes Street, Baton Rouge, La 70802
    • Paypal
    • Anedot undefined
    • Text “Wesley” to 22525


  • Service can be defined in numerous ways.  For students at the Wesley Foundation, service looks very similar to mentorship.  Students are always in need of a good conversation over coffee, a home cooked meal before worship, or a letter of encouragement that will help them carry on faithfully.  These are just a few ways that supporters can serve the students at the Wesley and help them continue listening for God’s call on their lives.


  • Witness in its simplest form is talking about the Wesley.  Through your prayers, gifts, presence and service at the Wesley you will know the heart of God for students at LSU and be able to share the incredible stories of faithfulness with your churches, small groups or Sunday School classes.  This witness helps continue sharing the story of the Wesley Foundation at LSU and how students are growing in faith and participating in God’s restorative work in Christ.

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