The Story pt 11

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Pt. 11

            “What are those two girls doing standing up there?” Mitch asked without realizing just who it was that he was looking at. On top of a building, not far from where they were, stood two perfectly normal looking girls. Standing well above the destruction of the battle going on below, they certainly looked as though they were very out of place. By contrast to all the craziness that Mitch and Phil had encountered along their trek, these two seemed impossibly normal. They looked so normal that it was quite the shocking site for Mitch and Phil. In this was provided a quick realization for Mitch and what all was going on around him. In a split second he scanned his surroundings to find that he found himself in the heart of a massive territory war between rival gangs, and it was the two typical looking college girls that gave him pause. However, before he could really process how he even felt about this bizarre scenario, North-Central-Side Natalie interrupted his thoughts.

“Shoot!” Natalie shouted in a horrified voice, “That’s Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah!” Just as Mitch and Phil began to give her a confused look, she cut them off already pushing them further along the path. “I don’t have time to explain!” While it may have been true that she didn’t have time to explain, the inflection in her voice describing such was enough for Mitch and Phil. The sheer terror in her voice was matched only by the look they had seen in Jaime’s eyes earlier that same day. Suddenly, metaphorical light bulbs clicked on in both of their heads as they deduced that those two normal looking girls were anything but. They didn’t know exactly how destructive this Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah combo was, but they knew with complete certainty that they didn’t want to find out firsthand. Natalie, using her expert knowledge of the layout of the city, led them to an alley away from the chaos of the battle.

“Why weren’t we going to go this way in the first place?” Phil asked as it occurred to him that they were very secluded from the battle not too far from where they stood. Hearing the destruction happening that was developing nearby had both he and Mitchel fearful of how they ever would have made it through alive going their initially planned route – a route that was much more direct.

“This alleyway can only take you so far before it’s just as dangerous,” Natalie responded with a terrified look still on her face. She continued exerting extreme caution checking over her shoulder and around each corner. She treated every step like there was a real possibility that it could be her last, and Mitch and Phil took notice and acted accordingly. “I’m going to get you guys to a secure entrance into the sewer just a bit ahead of here,” she spoke at a normal volume well above a whisper due to the sounds of gun fire still close. “It’ll be pitch black in there. And it’s not a guarantee to keep you away from Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah, but it beats running out in the open.”

“Then how are we supposed to know where we’re going?” Mitch asked as Natalie pushed aside a bush exposing a ladder heading straight down.

“Well, I’ve never actually been down there,” Natalie began, receiving looks of despair from Mitch and Phil as she spoke. “I’ve just been told that it heads to the castle and that at some point you’re going to have to come up.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Phil asked in his patented sarcastic tone.

“No, now hurry! No telling where those two are right now,” Natalie shouted at them. As Mitch and Phil head down into the sewer, Natalie moved the bush back over the cover in order to hide the entrance from Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah. Unfortunately, this also removed any light from inside, and left Mitch and Phil completely alone in a place they knew nothing about with nothing but a vague idea of what they’d like to get done.

“So,” Mitchel turned to Phil and readied a stupid thought in an effort to alleviate the tension created by their new problem, “that Natalie had a lot of swag on, huh?” Phil couldn’t see the giant grin on Mitch’s face as he said that, and yet he had a pretty good idea that there was one like it.

“Can we just keep moving before we get killed by whatever it is that’s going on?” Phil asked. His words were incredibly true, but honestly, in the moment, all he cared about was having Mitchel shut up again. And so they did just that, stumbling down the path with extended arms so as not to run into anything and make the situation even worse. They walked very slowly which as they both knew would increase the amount of time before they came upon a ladder or an exit of some kind. The slow walking was also a problem for Phil because he knew it gave Mitch even more time to think of dumb things to say aloud.

“Hey, Phil,” Mitch spoke breaking the silence that Phil was desperately holding onto.

“What, Mitchel?” Phil asked as he rolled his eyes as loud as he could hoping that that would deter Mitch from finishing whatever it was he had on his mind.

“Why do you think they’re called Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah?” Mitch asked an unanswerable question simply for the sake of conversation.

“I have no idea,” Phil said after thinking about it for a second.

“Maybe their names are Spanish for ‘We’re not going to hurt you’ and ‘Hopefully we can help,” Mitch spoke as if he was just thinking aloud. Phil would’ve corrected him, but just as he opened his mouth he noticed something up ahead.

“Mitch, I think that’s another ladder,” Phil said as he started to get used to the complete lack of light that they had been walking with for so long. “I vote we take it up out of here.”
“Seconded,” Mitchel responded before he even saw what Phil was talking about. Shortly after that, they happened upon the very ladder that Phil was talking about and began climbing up. Even with both of them mostly adjusted to the darkness at this point, the climb certainly wasn’t an easy one. Once they got to the surface, they immediately felt better about their situation. The castle was now a mere 15 stone throws away. They were still in the heart of the city, and by now it was night time, so the adjustment to street lighting from absolutely no lighting wasn’t too great of a chore. Essentially, everything was finally going their way. As they began to gleefully bounce towards the castle, they heard a booming sound as if from some sort of horn. They each turned around to see Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah 2 stone throws away. Rosh Ashanah was the one blowing on the horn while Dish Girl appeared to be readying herself to throw a dish straight at them. Without giving it a second thought, Mitch and Phil bolted into the building just to their left. In that same instant, that same dish blasted through the doors as it sped just past Mitch and Phil narrowly avoiding them both. They didn’t have time to worry about that. As they looked around, they appeared to have entered some sort of apartment complex, and from what they saw on the outside it had at least 10 floors.

“Stairs or elevator?” Mitch asked in a panic as they hurried to get away from the two crazy people just outside the building.

“Stairs,” Phil responded without thinking.

“Stairs?” Mitch asked incredulously.

“Elevator doors take too long to close,” Phil rationalized his decision before shouting, “Do we really wanna argue about this right now?” They looked for the stairs and ran up them with their adrenaline pumping. They passed the second floor sign, and then the third floor all the while imagining they were hearing things. They couldn’t distinguish whether their brain was messing with them, or if the two girls were right on their heels. Then they unmistakably heard the door opening into the stairwell. It was just at that moment that they were in front of the fourth floor door and in a moment they were through that door looking for a place to hide. The hallway seemed to go on for days, and they certainly couldn’t try entering an already occupied room. On the other hand, whatever snack room or the like was present would be far too obvious. Decisions were swirling in their heads as each was waiting on the other to have a brilliant, life-saving idea. Just as they turned down a secondary hallway, they could hear in the distance that the stairway door had just opened again. Their chasers were close and they couldn’t keep running forever. At that moment, Mitch noticed a door that wasn’t fully closed and went for broke bursting through it as quietly as he could. As soon as Phil was in, he closed the door ever so softly so as not to alert Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah to their whereabouts. Phil still didn’t feel safe as he walked further into the stranger’s apartment trying to head as far to the back of it as possible. Mitch couldn’t help but put his ear to the door in hopes of hearing Dish Girl and Rosh Ashanah head past without stopping to check the room they were in. He could hear them clear as day. They were now walking down the same hallway Mitch and Phil were just in. They kept creeping down the hallway, they could sense that they were close, but didn’t know where exactly to look. Mitch tried to will them past his door, but they just took their sweet time prolonging the nightmare he found himself in. Still lurking just outside of the door, he could hear them just a couple of feet away. They slowed down, they knew they were close. Mitch couldn’t believe it, and so he readied himself for the fight of his life. Then, suddenly, he could hear something far off in the distance.

“What was that?” shouted one of them as they raced off to go check it out. Mitchel collapsed physically as in his head he did jumping jacks. Mitch and Phil were so close to having a much bigger problem on their hands, but now they could rest for the moment. That’s when Mitch remembered that Phil had continued going through this apartment. Mitch decided to go and find him and let him know that they were in the clear. So, he got himself up with what little energy he had left and rounded the first corner. But as he looked up his heart began beating even faster than before as he saw…

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